Friday, February 20, 2009

From the Student Lounge My 2nd Home.

So I feel that I must take this time to vent about all of the bullshit about this semester that I finding annoying. Although I am determined and quite capable of putting it aside, I feel that it is necessary to take a "Word Dump" on the faces of those @ DIS, and others within Copenhagen that have made it their mission, whether they now it, to bring all the negative qualities of an American College Student to Europe.

YES I am talking about the BROS, HOES, SLUTS, FRAT BOYS, BROSHIFS, BIMBOS, HIOTCHES, and BIOTCHES that are the plague of existence within the higher education community. YOU ARE NOT IN AMERICA ANYMORE; I find it fascinating that people have become so caught up in their shit, that they still need to act fake and douschbaggish around others. No one cares how much weed you smoked this weekend, or that you Hooked up with that Rich Danish Guy. I hope that you all get hit by a Danish Bike Rider.

On a positive note, I am going to Malmo, Sweden this weekend- seeing some castles, attending a VIP party, going on a Smorrebrod (Danish Open Sandwich) tasting, and perhaps trying some Liver Paste...

It seems hard to deal with those that I despise so much coming from China last semester, where all the friends I made and people I met were real, inspired, outgoing, and truthful. Unfortunately that magnitude of persons has not traveled to Europe, which saddens me, but for those select few that I can call friends here, Thank you for being REAL PEOPLE. 

Now I am off to find some pizza, and perhaps visit the nearest museum. It's not all about blackout and hooking up with random Danes...

Until next time
Zai Jian

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