Sunday, February 15, 2009

I Made Yellow Curry HotDogs for Dinner Tonight

So seeing that my enthusiasm for exploration has been severely diminished over the past two weeks, thanks in part to the gray skies but mostly the consuming of mass amounts of the juice, I figured it would be appropriate to actually write some sort of entry into this online blog.

For all those that bother to read this, hopefully a few others outside of Lexie *Thanks, Sorry for the horrific grammar* Be warned I will not PROOFREAD before submission, this blog is about writing thoughts, not elegant sentence structure.

So Copenhagen thus far has been a wonderful city to be in. The Danish are colorful in their own way and quite a joyous bunch, and the ones that I have met (yes mostly at bars, nightlife here is so critical to everyday life!) have been amazing people. The close proximity to Sweden has also allowed interaction with some of the Fabled Swedes, (YES YES We Know you Have Good Candy) alas my laziness has kept me from traveling to Malmo some 30 minutes across the bay, but they too are a quirky bunch. I will get there eventually I assure you.

Overall, the one aspect of the Scandinavians that I find appalling is their negativity towards Muslims and other immigrants who are flowing into the region. However this topic is one I will get back to in greater detail sometime in the near future. Its much more complex than I am making it sound.

Apart from that topic, Copenhagen is a diverse city, one that I say is struggling to accept certain cultural transitions which in a way makes the city all the more exciting. 

Returning to my inability to get up and go explore, it just dawned on me that the majority of my time in between classes has actually involved quite a bit of wandering. For those of you that truly know me, I have the tendency to just wander off especially at social gathers or in public places towards the nearest shop window or shiny thing. Some find this annoying, however I embrace my curiousity for it will keep me young, while those that look down upon it will be bitter old fools. Woo sorry, a little angry aren't I.

Alas the most recent wandering took place with one of my new friends Kiersten, she is quite the lively girl, quirky in her own right, and always smiling. Upon strolling down Stroget (HA its a walking street and it rhymes....) we found ourselves at a pastry shop *All streets in this city seem to lead to pastry shops, its so beautiful, artery clogging, but absolutely fricking delicious!*

FYI- In Denmark there is no such thing as a (Danish Pastry), it is actually called a Weinerbrød or (Vienna Bread). 
Also any legitimate bakery where they bake on premises will hang a Pretzel, normally painted Gold with the Royal Crown above it outside of their building.

This wandering concluded with a exploration of the crazy Danish Coffee Pots and Hot Chocolate Machines, and debate if we could purchase just one piece of fruit at the supermarket. All in All it was a great little afternoon treak.

Unfortunately I must return to the physical world, perhaps the Gym and then some homework seeing how it is 830 at night  and I have not touched any textbooks.

Although I need some more final details on the history of the event, listen up!

This week brings about the traditional Danish holiday of (I Forgot), but it is the equivalent to Halloween. From what I recall, only a few decades ago, before the Birth of Peta and the Death of JFK, traditional practice was the gather in the city square and take turns hitting a barrel like pinata filled with one or numerous black cats. *Note* you were not blindfolded the idea was to beat the living shit out of the barrel and scare the cat. Following the cats traumatic escape from the barrel, normal procedure was to then chase the cat and beat it to death thereby warding off evil spirits.

Fortunately for all the black cats of Denmark this is no longer the case, and today people of all ages were costumes and hit a pinata filled with different candies to compensate for the age old lust for feline blood that the holiday originally brought.

So on that note, I am sure more wacky details will come forth in the near future, I bid you all adieu.

*If you want to impress your friends* Say SKAL (pronounced SKULL) thats the Danish CHEERS!

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  1. I can't decide whether or not the black cat tradition is atrocious or hysterically funny.